Buy 3 T-Shirt at only Rs.79

Buy 3 T-Shirt at only Rs.79:- – Hi there! Siddik here, back again with a wonderful topic related to “Buy 3 T-Shirt at only Rs.79”. Today, I would like to say a special trick because I know that you want this one. I also know that you are searching an offer because you want to buy your fashionable T-Shirts.

Buy 3 T-Shirt at only Rs.79

Here I am going to share a trick. Using this trick, you may buy 3 T-shirt at only Rs.79. It was not a believable matter when I listen to this offer. But I confirm when I have successfully bought 3 T-shirt at only Rs.79. You may not believe this like me. But I already get my cash back in my bank account.

What are you waiting for? Read below carefully. If you miss one step, you may not receive cash back. At first, understand the offer steps.

1. One email id
2. One Mobile Number
3. One active Bank account
4. Rs.279 amount

Steps :-
Step 1:-  Go to and create an account with your email id.
Congratulation, you get Rs.50 as sing up bonus in your account. Please go to by clicking any referral link, other ways, you may not receive Sing up bonus. Here is a referral link –

Step 2:- After complete Sing up proses, Search “MYVISHAL” in’s search bar or click here to go to Cashkaro offer page. Now click on “Activate Cashback” then “Visit Retailer”. Look at the picture.

Buy 3 T-Shirt at only Rs.79

Step 3:- Now you are in Click on “Best Deals” then “Buy 3 @ 278 (Best Choice)”. Now choose any three T-shirt according to your choice and pay Rs.279 through Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Netbanking or Wallet.

Step 4:- Came back to website and go to “My Account” > “My Earning”. Or click here.  You get Rs.150 Cashback granted.

A basic math – Pay amount – (Sing up bonus + Cashback) = 279 – (50+150) = 279-200 = 79 to Bank account – How to transfer money?? >> My Account >> My Earnings >> Request Caskback Payment

Hope……!! You are enjoying this article and get your all queries. Keep smile because you are great.

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